What a girl wants

I want a rum and coke. Real bad. Right now.

Just called . Sounds like he’s having a doozie of a day at the store. Must remember to give him my extra digital camera memorycards tonight.

Put a call in to Ron Boyd, who does most of the logo-type artwork for the Snail. Hoping he still has the vectored high-res version of our logo on file, so that I can get my two tester articles of clothing made from the store on Queen I’m scoping out. I’ve ordered a shirt and a hoodie. They’re not silkscreeners, they use laser printing, so they can make me one test run so that I can decide if I like their work or not. Laser also means they can shrink or enlarge the size of my logo at will, change colours easily, and I’m not restricted to any one type of clothing for staff. So, for example, if Sarrah wants a cap sleeve raglan but Ian wants a tank top, we could in theory accomodate both of them. Which leaves a lot of options open for having happy, funkily-dressed, yet easily identifyable staff on the floor. Also gives the Snail kind of a funky edge. Same logo on different clothes. It’s regimented, but not absurdly so.

Revised list of creatures I want to sculpt from clay, then create resin molds of and cast into 20″ tall stone garden decor:
Zim’s robot garden gnomes from the TV show ‘Invader Zim’
Totoro from the Japanese anime ‘My Neighbor Totoro’
– Farnsworth’s gargoyle Pazuzu’s baby from episode #507 of the TV show ‘Futurama’ (I really liked this episode because Pazuzu is the same gargoyle-demon that is seen in the Exorcist, and also appears in the second comic book in an NBM series about a woman named Adele Blanc-Sec who solves paranormal mysteries in 1800s Paris)

5 thoughts on “What a girl wants

  1. OMG! I think I need those comic books.

    1800s Paris! The paranormal! Female main character! Dude, they were written for me.

  2. I mean, I understand my taxi driver yesterday losing his fat — he was making a concerted effort to sneak away from it.

    But caffeine! It is both ENDEMIC (An endemic disease is one that is always present in a population (i.e., never zero prevalence) and PANDEMIC (A pandemic disease is a world-wide epidemic disease (i.e., high world-wide incidence). How could you escape it, even if you wanted to? And why would you want to?

    Have I failed to read your journal closely enough, Jeff? Are you on some sort of freakish caffeine boycott? A thirst strike of Gandhian proportions?

    I wish work were a little less time consuming, so I could observe everyone’s fascinating lifestyle choices more carefully. 🙁

  3. Caffeine, although I love the buzz it gives me, makes my gut feel terrible. I’ve given it up!

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