I hate digits

Bloody hell.

This morning has not gone well. My 130-page, 13 tab, third day on the job event binder from yesterday was *nearly* flawless, with two exceptions. One incorrect fax number, and a missing letter “M”. Both of which had panicked and overblown bad reactions from my coworkers this morning, both of which could have been averted had: a) materials that I had no control over been given to me on time, or in fact, at all; and b) some time to think and/or somebody to double check my work. Sigh.

At least is going to have an awesome vacation this week, although I am very sad to not be seeing her at this Sunday’s apple and pumpkin picking event at Chudleigh’s. You’ll be greatly missed, but have a wonderful time in Cuba, sweetie!!!

Aaaanndd… I don’t know who anonymously posted about not feeling groovy about Snail workers wearing (and I use this term extremely loosely) “uniforms”, but I sent off the high res file to the print shop about ten minutes ago, so I should have my shirt and hoodie ready sometime next week. I’ll wear it around as soon as I get it, so if you’re stalking me you can check it out from a distance through your binoculars and perhaps it will persuade you to come ’round to the idea. It’s possible that I’ll post a pic of myself sporting said Snail gear on my LJ, as well, for those who might be stalking from a distance, over the net, or from another continent.

10 thoughts on “I hate digits

  1. If I, at any of my previous retail jobs, had been given the myriad options available for those Snail shirts, I would have been so goddamn happy. Instead, it was denim chambray size extra large with an irremovable musty smell from the last employee who owned it; or purple, white and green polo shirts you can see your bra through, not that anybody bothered to warn you about that before they told you you had to wear it NOW or go home without pay; or buy your own little man shirt and man tie and stuff them into your little too-small apron that gives you a stomach ache from being corseted on over black polyester pants and shoes that HAVE to be leather or you’re fired. I definitely would have killed for a cap-sleeve raglan. 😉

  2. I’d agree that these uniforms sound good if the other alternative is wearing a horrid, uncomfortable and oversized one. But, the point is that there isn’t a uniform at the store right now! Perhaps a simple logo on a button or a card hanging like a necklace would have been a better idea!

  3. Perhaps talking about it in person as opposed to anonymously online would get you better results. 🙂

  4. I don’t have a live journal account, so my only choice is to be anonymous. And as an added bonus – I don’t actually know any of you.

  5. I believe the point is that it’s my store and I want staff shirts. If the reason’s good enough for me than that’s all it takes. Peace.

  6. In fact, that was the reason I was annoyed with the anonymous random person. But thanks for including me in the scolding.

    ETA: In other news, I thought it was okay to reply on the general topic of uniforms and retail work, because you know — journal, not staff newsletter, and comments were enabled. That doesn’t mean I was trying to construct some treatise on uniform-wearing in your store.

  7. As for , at least we don’t have those frilly brown shirts from Tim Hortons, eh? Though I’m impressed with the appearance it generates within the store environment.

    been screen printing shirts tonight, she’s very excited and keeps keeping me from typing properly and falling asleep. They’re pretty cool, but I’m still more interested in the more permanent usable staff shirts. I’m pretty sure I’m going to go with a zip-up hoodie for the winter so it can be worn over most street clothes.

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