Frigging frig friggidy frog

Dammit! It’s 6:30pm and I’m still at my f*@#)%! desk.

Why didn’t I leave this cursed place at 5pm, like a normal person?

Why didn’t I call and see if she wanted some company while is away, basking on a beach somewhere and is still at work?


3 thoughts on “Frigging frig friggidy frog

  1. Now, because I took the time to peruse LJ, it’s 7pm!!! I need to stop the insanity.

    (proceeding to log off my system and go home now, thank you J)

  2. I was at work until 7ish also…then off to shiny new tap class so I didn’t get home until 9:30. Luckily the sethmeister had a “Beach” from Fresh warming in the oven for me *yum*

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