Odds and Ends

Carved my pumpkins on the weekend. They’re out on display on the front porch and I fear for them. Hoping they won’t get smashed before the 31st. While I was carving them, ‘Girl with a Pearl Earring’ came on TV, and I watched some of it. What a beautiful movie! I loved watching them mix pigments from the source material. Made me think of , who loved it. That was my ‘quality’ film for the week. The rest of my tele-time will be completely absorbed by the glorious 27-episode first season of ‘The O.C.’, which came out on DVD last week. Woot!

Rainbow came by from BC to do a show with Ed the Sock on CityTV, and we got to see him, which was nice. I made him grilled cheese sandwiches with my sandwich maker using a french loaf, and he said they looked like cheese-filled hooves. Note to self: learn how to cook.

I agreed to take a shift for one of my coworkers this Saturday, and am now regretting it. However, looking on the bright side, I will (hopefully) get to wear some of my silkscreened store gear. Speaking of which, my deadline for completion is creeping perilously close… worried that with the Snail party Saturday and clean-up from said party Sunday, not to mention handing out candy to kids on our street, there may not be enough time to buy, silkscreen and iron the front and back of twenty-five shirts/hoodies. Argh. I might also be working on a Hallowe’en costume for JVL, but there’s no telling what it is… let’s just say I had it suggested to me yesterday, and now I have three evenings to go from start to finish. And you can’t rent it from Malabar.

Work calls. Peace to all, and a merry Samhain this weekend, if I’m too swamped to write more before then.

ps – Although I have all the fixin’s for my Stephen King ‘Carrie the Angry Pyro’ outfit, I am kind of pining for last year’s oh-so-comfy bunny costume. Maybe wearing it to this year’s Snail party would dispel the bad mojo from last year’s ticket denial fiasco.

6 thoughts on “Odds and Ends

  1. Hi Hon – I left you a message on your home phone on Monday – do you guys want to come over to pumpkin-carve on Friday night? Sounds like you’ve got all yours carved, but I think we can probably find another medium on which you can vent your creativity. 🙂 We’ll miss you folk Saturday night.

    I have made a crazy discovery – apparently the hats which actually fit me are *Hallowe’en Hats* – my new Carmen Miranda/Chiquita Banana hat fits beautifully – in fact I have to club my hair back so it doesn’t slip off. Go figure – my head is *too small*!


  2. Oh, and I thought I was being so good about the messages, ’cause I had my phone charged all week and I remembered to check home messages on Saturday.

    I would personally love to come over and carve pumpkins with you on Friday. Not sure about Justin – it’s his day off, so he tends to hermit up at the house. I’ll ask. Anyhoo, glad you’re home safe and I can’t wait to hear about Cuba. I hope you had an *awesome* time.


  3. What is it with vegetarians and their inability to cook? I smell a connecion here!


  4. You know, oddly enough, I think at one point in Cuba, `cheese-filled hooves’ may have been on the menu – I never know down there…

  5. Great! Will look forward to it – Alyssa & Rob are coming as well, so we may all have a big travel debrief – I think they’re bringing honeymoon photos. I’m not sure about timing yet – we’ll think about that as time gets closer.

  6. . . . and they’d probably revoke my press credentials at Rue Morgue if I didn’t point out that Carrie White was, in fact, an angry telekinetic. Charlie McGee, from Firestarter, was the pyrokinetic, and more moppety-cute than angry.

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