Hectic Friday

So it’s the Friday before Hallowe’en. I gave my “at work” costume idea of ‘World’s Shortest Giraffe’ away to my lovely Manager, because it was just so much better for her (she stands about 5 feet nothing tall), so she’s wearing my foam giraffe mask, a bright yellow turtleneck, black pants with yellow stripes and my yellow scarf tucked in the back as a tail. So cute!

I’m wearing a matching foam triceratops mask, my “Good with Computers” t-shirt with “NOT” pinned on above the logo, and I’m carrying around my cell phone and a palm pilot with question marks and “What’s this for??”. I’m supposed to be a ‘Corporate Dinosaur’ [bah dum boom – tch!] I think a few of the senior staff who always come to ask me for help with “fixing” their email and folder problems were giving me dirty looks. Sigh.

Justin’s outfit is nearing completion for tomorrow, but I am having the most difficult time on Earth with his footwear. My man has large feet, size 11 1/2, and I cannot find green boots to fit him for the life of me. Even my Mum has been helping out, on a rampage through every second hand shop in Oakville, to no avail.

Still not sure what I’m going to wear to work/party tomorrow. I know I want to attempt to squeeze my now oversize body into my big gothic burgundy dress, but it might be hard to maneuver behind the cash, and also — Carrie? Vampyre? Queen of Snails? Definition and accessories will be the death of me. Grr.

Justin’s having Glenda over tonight while I go to Christie and Amy’s to carve their pumpkins, but I have to be home in time to finish some last minute stitching, spray painting, fabric dying and other sundry parts of Justin’s costume, so I may not make it out to the Foxes Den, much to my dismay. Not to mention the fact that I can’t drink or stay up past 11pm, since I have to be at work to open at 9am tomorrow morning, which means, what with the costuming and make-up and helping Justin into his outfit, and commuting downtown, I probably shouldn’t go to sleep at all tonight.

Why didn’t Hallowe’en seem this hard last year?

3 thoughts on “Hectic Friday

  1. You were a bunny. Life is easy for bunnies. They eat, sleep and have sex. Hmmm…that’s probably what your life is like right now though 🙂

  2. I have fully forgotten your work number…we didn’t touch base on a time for tonight – I’m headed home in the next few minutes – feel free to show up any time – Alyssa will be there around 7:30. We bought *13* pumpkins – there’s going to be a whole lot ‘o’ carving going on…


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