My First Dinner Party

Well, very unofficially and off-the-cuff, I appear to have hostess-ed my first dinner party Chez Justin and Moira last night. and Cait, and came by with some red wine, I cooked pasta and chicken with cheesy biscuits for everyone, and then a whole lot of videogaming and geeking out ensued. We made a decent stab at civilized conversation for an hour or so, but then the pull of the swords and lightsaber and XBox was too strong, and we relented. A very nice evening was had by all. I’m just sad that C&C didn’t stay the night, since my pull-out guest bed and newly-purchased-by-Mummy heart-shaped pancake mould, both remain sadly unused. Another time, I’m sure.

Back to work this morning. Reeeeally looking forward to having Thursday off. Planning to stay home, read comics, write some reviews, read some Graham Greene, drink a lot of tea, and maybe have a bath if I’m feeling decadent enough. Watching a silly amount of bad, melodramatic television on DVD is a time-frittering standard that barely warrants mentioning. This may be the last time I see the TV being used for anything but Halo2 for a long, long while.

2 thoughts on “My First Dinner Party

  1. We definitely all nerded right out, yeah. Sorry I nodded off — that’s pretty much What I Do these days anytime I’m not actually standing and walking around.


    Sorry, where was I? Oh yeah. Cheeeeeeeeeesy biscuits!

  2. I was so pooped from work and wine and carbs, I was nearly snoozing myself. If I’d been in the bean bag chair, my fate would have been sealed. As it was, only the sound of screaming ewoks kept me conscious.

    Glad you enjoyed by biscuits! And I hope we’re not double booked for Mathom party night.

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