The Pants of Crank

Oh man, I am wearing the crankypants this morning.

Not sure why. Could be the getting to sleep at 1:30am last night against my will and inclination. Could be waking up in a pitch black room this morning, putting my glasses on, falling exhausted back into bed, then back to sleep, then waking up half an hour later in a *still* pitch black room and not being able to find my glasses for 15 minutes until I turned the light on and realized I missed my train.

This whole sleeping thing needs to change. Me need sleep earlier. Me need less computer use in room by bed. Me need light to become conscious in mornings to get to work on time.

Me need day off. And things to do. With friends.

Miss friends. No want sit home in Weston alone until 9, 10, 11pm.


6 thoughts on “The Pants of Crank

  1. See comments in my most recent LJ entry and the one about the photo project for invitations to hang out.

    Also, will you be at Paul’s birthday party on Saturday??

  2. I need a day off too. But I have to drive all the way out to Saudi Aurora (Aurora is a suburb bordering Denver, we add the Saudi because it is to the Far East), and finish up some lab rotation stuff. After this week, I will be back to within a comfortable 10 minutes from my lab, instead of 45 minutes away. But I would still rather just take the day off.


  3. Yes. Will call this aft. In dire need of cranky relief. Thankfully begged invitation off Christie to come over to her place tonight for Harry Potter. We can do photo project or whatever at your leisure.

    Slight problem with Paul’s birthday – am supposed to be in another town an hour away at the same time for another party. Since I have no car, however, Paul’s party is looking a lot more likely.

  4. Hi there – I have a slightly greater amount of time now – so let me say Yay! I’m looking forward to hanging out tonight. I’ll try to get off in good time (have been here since 6:30AM, so I should have an excuse to leave at 5) – I even have real butter at home so we can have good popcorn. What time do you get off?


  5. If Allah is kind, I will also be able to vamoose at 5. Honestly, the pace today has been slower than usual (thus, the ability to LJ), but you never know with event planning. I’ve got my cell on and charged, so I’ll call if I’m going to be later than 6pm.

  6. Gimme a ring. I haven’t seen you in so long I barely remember what you look like. It’s be like meeting all over again!

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