What did I used to do with all this free time in the evenings???

I feel considerably better after spending an evening having a nice dinner and watching ‘Prisoner of Azkaban’ with , , and . Socializing is healthy. I just wish was home from work. It’s 12:53am, and I’m sleepy, but I want to make sure he gets home okay.

Holy Crap. I’ve been wondering what I used to do at home by myself in the evenings before I moved in with Justin, other than reading and watching Buffy. When I started looking through old school papers, I found this crazy mad huge webcomix listing. I used to read a whole helluva lot of webcomix on a daily basis.

Achewood, continuing to be weird, remains my favorite. I *totally covet* the hardcover copies you can buy on the internet, particularly ‘Volume I – A Momentary Diversion on the Road to the Grave’ and ‘Volume II – Worst Song, Played on Ugliest Guitar’

“Dude, check out this ridiculously gigantic (linked) webcomix list!”

Name of Webcomic




Onstad, Chris

Wet and dry, peculiar anthro-animal humour

American Elf

Kochalka, James

Quirky, elfin-eared autobiographical

Argon Zark

Parker, Charley

Freaking cool animated graphics, classic plot

Astounding Space Thrills

Conley, Steve

Space age MST3K meets Monsters Inc

Beekeeper Cartoons

Little, Jason

Shutterbug Follies: great mystery, sharp art

Bent Comics

Fukushima, Brian

West siiiiiiiiide collective, yo. Cute and online

Bob the Angry Flower

Notley, Stephen

Botanical! And very, very angry.


Yik, Joycelyn

Tween angst, a young girl’s exploration

Boy on a Stick and Slither

Cloud, Steven L.

Simple, mindful, pezlike. Snakey.

Brain Hurt

Aaron K.

Like a cement mixer full of land mines


Baldwin, Christopher

Lost, travelling 20-something angst. Good line

Buttercup Festival

Garbauskas, Elliott G.

Shadowy reaper, likes pickles.

Cat and Girl

Gambrell, Dorothy

Pipe smokin’ anthro-kitty and sassy alt-girl

Clerks, Grrl Scouts

Mahfood, Jim

Sassy, scary street sweethearts.

Comic Strip

Pultz, Jason

Toronto alt goodness, like m@b but grayscale

Death to the Extremist

Zole, M

Makes David Rees look like Picasso

Demonology 101

Hicks, Faith Erin

High school and other forces of evil

Diesel Sweeties

Stevens, Richard

Ruined forever by cell phone ads


Walker, Chad

Brilliant. Minimal. Egg. Pants.


Goodbrey, Daniel Merlin

Armless ninja. Enough said.


Farley, Patrick

Psychedelic, dude

File 49

Turner, Sara

X-Files stylin’, with girl-power

Fried Society

Kelly, Chris

Like good, grown-up Groening. Artsy & smart


Hanvey, Brandon

geek autobio

Get Your War On

Rees, David

Pant-wetting, potty-mouthed, political


Rosenberg, Jonathan

Geeky, Satanic, sexually frustrated

He Is Just a Rat

Walsh, Tony

Ratboy; loquacious and bodacious

Hungry for Brains

Frankel, Josh

Various artistic endeavours

Imitation of Life


Nice inking, dull autobiography

Jack and Lucky, Smile

Hon, Anthony

Self-absorbed, but what crisp lines!


Richard, André

Bunny in a valley, I know, I know, it’s serious


Soo, Kean

Love this photo/comic melange, good design

Kobold Press

Bochner, Jesse

First native comics I’ve seen, so happy


Farnon, Tristan

Wallace and Gromit-esque


O’Brien, Carrie

Love-kitty; weird and smurfy


Blackett, Matthew

Toronto Annex life, homeless and all V. funny

Magic Inkwell

Garza, Cayetano Jr.

Colour! Songs! Dingbat the cat fails with babes

Miracle of Science

Kilgannon & Sachs

Crazy geeky, anime-styling.

Nowhere Girl

Shaw, Justine

Dark and rich, like chocolate

Oddly Normal

Frampton, Otis

Straight up: air force artist! pilots AND pencils

Ornery Boy

Lalonde, Michael

Olivia’s ex. Grumpy, but funny.

Paper Theatre

Catmull, Ben

Diverse, disturbed, really talented.

Parking Lot Is Full

McLaren & Spacek

More crabs. And socks. I don’t know!

Paul Pope

Pope, Paul

Most annoying site to navigate ever!!!

Penny Dreadful

Hernandez, Dan

Turquoise-headed dude and his girlfriend Jenny in 3-panel strips.


Whelon, Chuck

Wizardy goodness


Gaddis, David

Words? Who needs words?

Prison Funnies

Zdarsky, Chip

Sick, twisted, gorgeous. Prison love

Red Meat

Cannon, Max

domestic and disturbed

Return to Sender

Brosgol, Vera

 It’s like “La Femme Nikita” meets “Dharma and Greg”. With handholding.

Same Difference

Kim, Derek Kirk

funny autobiographical

Scary Go Round

Allison, John

Who says Brits can’t be funny? Oh, nobody

Sexy Losers


Grumpy sexy losers is more like it

Shaw Island

Stroum, Zachary

Hamsters, samurai, crabs. West coast

Shiga’s Comics (Fleep, Bus Stop, etc)

Shiga, Jason

One prolific mofo. Also, Eisner winner.

Slow News Day

Watson, Andi

also Breakfast After Noon

Sluggy Freelance

Abrams, Pete

So many plots. So much archive. Start Now!


Trotman, Charlie

Beautiful and sad portraits.

Tom the Dancing Bug

Bolling, Rueben

A bug that dances. Now novel

True Loves, Don’t Touch Me

Turner, Jason

 Rough drawings, dodgey dating plots. Meh.

When I Am King


Camels, kings, nudity. Orange.


Rowland, Jeffrey J.

The Tinkles say, “I win so hard!”

You Damn Kid

Dunne, Owen

Twisted youth draws many comics. Wieners!

4 thoughts on “What did I used to do with all this free time in the evenings???

  1. 1. read comics
    2. watch Buffy and Dawson’s Creek
    3. rent movies
    4. nap
    5. yoga — rotation between regularly and yoga?
    6. make tea
    7. surf web
    8. go out with friends
    9. invite friends over
    10. read
    11. go home to Oakville
    12. indulge in some new artistic endeavor

  2. What did I used to do with all this free time in the evenings???

    You used to spend a healthy portion of it either at the Foxes Den or watching DVDs with me 🙂

    Which remind me… I have still only seen bits and pieces (sadly out of order) of Firefly. Perhaps we could get together and rectify that sometime? (unless you’re sick of it).

  3. And when she wasn’t watching them with you, she was watching them with me. Or playing War of the Monsters on my PS2 (“Give me back my FUTON!”)

    Anyway, I can’t imagine Moira getting sick of Firefly. Now that the movie’s been delayed (not a good sign, folks), she’ll have to feed that fever some other way.

    Are you listening Moira???

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