Sigh. Justin’s been in New York City at Toy Fair since I drove him to the airport on Sunday. I’ve been at home, alone, trying to read (and not doing a super job – mostly assembling Ikea furniture and fiddling about).

Work’s been kinda stressful the last few days. I’d like to put the blame squarely on , but that would be unfair and untrue. Blah. I will be glad to get some much-needed exercise with tonight before class, although it’s going to be a challenge to jog and not worry about reading.

At least I bought myself a desk lamp today. That will make everything better. Or brighter. Or something. And we will have Internet at the condo as of tomorrow afternoon.

2 thoughts on “JVL in NYC

  1. Although, as you can probably tell by my rant on the phone this morning, I’m suffering like you are – although probably not as badly.

    *sees end in sight*

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