Safe in Victoria

Arrived in B.C. a couple of hours ago. Rented the damned car. Picked up groceries, bought 4 new DVDs that I haven’t yet seen to watch (yes, I’m a compulsive acquisitor, leave me alone) – Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (‘s reaction attracted me to it… I’ll post a review later); Anchorman, because you can never have enough Will Ferrel; Legal Eagles, which I have been waiting for-fricking-ever for the DVD release of, because you can never have enough Daryl Hannah; and The Notebook, because dammit that onstage kiss at the MTV movie awards was HOT, and I like seeing two hot Canadians smooch. There needs to be more of that good stuff.

So, all in all, we’re settled in. I’ve unpacked my three pairs of heels, two flip flops, endless graphic tees, wedding-wear dress, etc, JVL and I tested out the cedar sauna, but have been baffled, stunned, frustrated, and ultimately defeated by the whirlpool jets on the tub, and now I need to stay awake long enough to go pick up my Mum and Aunt at the airport in three hours.

Will report back more later. Still want to get exercise on this trip, whether it is biking, hiking, or kayaking. Ta ta for now.

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