Logic of My Mother

JVL: (turns the music up loud in the car)
Mum: Please turn it down!
Me: Mum’s a pussy, she can’t handle the loud music.
Mum: Well, it hurts my ears.
Me: Sometimes that’s the point. It’s supposed to hurt your ears.
Mum: I know. But… it hurts my ears.

This is what I will become one day. Aie aie aie.

and co. survived the batchelor party. There was a trip to the strippers, and all the other cliches. They also made friends with some Russian sailors. Photos will be posted later.

Tomorrow: Frisbee in the park, a petting zoo, and dinner at the Bride’s family’s house. I will also try to make it to the Satin Moon quilt shop, the Thrift Shop, and various other areas.

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