Home Again

JVL and I flew in to Pearson, and were kindly picked up by his Mum and her partner (whose birthday it is today… yesterday… an hour ago, before midnight… whatever, happy birthday, Paul!). Toronto? Is REALLY REALLY HOT. Especially if you get off the plane wearing a Playmobile sweatshirt. They don’t call them sweatshirts for nothing, let me tell you. Yeesh.

I have a few days off work to get myself sorted before going back in for the last two weeks at my old job. So, over the next five days, I need/want to:
– assemble the three wooden dinosaur skeleton kits I bought in BC
– look into paying off my gigantic Visa bill
– finish my “ships and seas” themed mini-quilt that I started while in Victoria
– work on my “Nintendo old-school” themed larger quilt that I dreamed up while in Victoria
– do more thinking about the “Clan of the Care Bear” short fan-film that I want to make
– go to Robarts and pick up all the books I need to write my Old English paper
– write AT LEAST 1/2 of my Old English paper
– finish cleaning and sorting my yellow room and the paper I removed to the basement
– get my circadian rhythms back in order
– chill out (both figuratively and literally, in the sense that it is REALLY REALLY HOT IN TORONTO)
– do lots of research on the real estate market in Victoria/Esquimalt in prep for future condo purchase there

8 thoughts on “Home Again

  1. – do lots of research on the real estate market in Victoria/Esquimalt in prep for future condo purchase there

    What will that be, #3? Do you get to build hotels on your sites then? ::suspicious look:: are the tops of your mortgages all the same color? psst – if so, what color?

    and hey – good to have you back. *g*

  2. My first name is old english! Yeah I am lookin at people friends lists….is that creepy?

  3. I’ll take your “my first name is old english” comment to mean either “My first name is Eadwacer” or something along those lines, rather than the other, more disturbing possible interpretations: “I like to bring Beowulf along for beach reading” or, “I drink malt liquor really frequently!

    And there’s nothing wrong with reading other people’s friends lists. That’s why these blog posts are public – if I didn’t want strangers reading them, then everything would be friends-locked or I just wouldn’t bother to use the internet as a forum for my thoughts at all. So don’t feel bad for posting, even though you don’t know me.

    I read the journal of a divorced housewife who reads tarot cards for money, and who is living in the boonies of the Deep South, because her writing is highly entertaining. I will never, ever meet this woman, but I have sent her emails of support when her dog got hit by a car, and also a letter of congratulations when she and her partner got pregnant. Why not?

  4. It’s true. I (heart) Daryl Hannah. I think maybe she just chooses to be in a lot of movies that I like, but there it is. Splash. Legal Eagles. Blade Runner. High Spirits. Steel Magnolias. Kill Bill.

    Anyhow. Her role in Clan of the Cave Bear is awesome. And I rewatched it. And then while talking to someone about it last week, I misspoke and called it “Clan of the Care Bear”. And thus, an idea was born. Most of the movie would be totally ridiculous, but I think the Ayla getting her leg torn by a cave lion and the Ayla giving birth in a cave with fire scene and the Broud fighting the cave bear scene and the Ayla learning to hunt with a slingshot scene would be great. And it’s not like it would be hard to do, even with a still camera and some basic flash animation – there was hardly any dialogue in the original movie anyhow – just lots of setting and very little plot. The sex scenes would be pretty disturbing, but I’m sure stuffed animals humping is nothing we haven’t all seen before on the internet.

  5. Yes, that would be #3. Won’t happen for a while yet, but I’d like to get familiar with the market and maps sooner rather than later. I really think that downtown Victoria is going to keep expanding and eventually Esquimalt’s property values are going to escalate considerably.

    Hotels will have to wait until I’m in my fifties, at least. 🙂

    All mortgages are topped in green, as a reminder of how much money I owe the bank.

  6. Hmm well I have added. Consider your life better off :P.

    My bad on the specific nature of my Old English claim. Bellan is my name, it IS of old english origin.

    Perhaps creepy was the wrong term, I think I meant……hrmm lets see. Permited, I ususally ask permission but heck I was feeling wild today and added a few people. Such a small world anyway.

    Go E-community! Oi!

  7. At first I thought you miss-spoke,, than I was seriously worried you might be a “plushie”. Now I am worried. Very, very worried. Here, have this to tide you over until the Care Cave Bear Love Fest.


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