Whoa. Backlogged much?

Total. LiveJournal. Overload.

I go on holiday for a couple of weeks with limited internet time, and all of a sudden, there are hundreds upon hundreds of backlogged entries I need to read. My brain is giving me signals that it feels unprepared for the task of commenting, so I will just try to chip away at it over the next few days. I must take a moment to comment to that I am very, very relieved to hear that her sister is okay – I will call today if I can find your new number at the new job, or at the very least leave you a message at home.

For my own updating backlog, I need to (eventually) discuss:
– the trip to BC, the horribly incessant driving, the slightly missed flight, some photo-postings, and give a brief overview of the lovely Wiccan ceremony, the happy and energetic bride, the hospitable and handsome groom, and how my uncle spiked my chocolate truffle sauce with hot chilies

– the upcoming trip to San Diego, the continued “should I rent a car?” question, and my hopes of meeting while and I are there

– the awesomeness of Palisades’ Series Two Buffy the Vampire Slayer Palz, (including Oz, Variant Oz, Cordy, Spike, Drusilla and her Dollies, Ms. Calendar, and a very aggrieved looking Buffy, as well as a bonus disassembled Judge) and some small complaints about details (why, WHY isn’t Jenny Calendar’s death date and name marked on her tombstone?@!?)

– the rumours I’ve heard that I may be under consideration by Palisades for the position of Official Buffy Toy Reviewer on their upcoming dedicated Buffy-toy-website, given my complimentary love of both toys and Vampire Slayers (will find out more when I get to San Diego)

– tonight’s trip to Ikea to hunt for portable kitchen shelving, and other home reno items

– the looming, terrifying deadline for my Old English paper, which is due some time between July 15th and August 1st (please note that although I have retrieved all necessary books and articles from Robarts Library, I am away in San Diego from July 13-17)

the Cabinet Shuffle, which replaced two out of my three previous Ministers with new ones

– the New Job, which is scarily no longer at MBS, but post-shuffle reorganization, now falls under a newly created dual ministry; Gerry Phillips heads the new Ministry of Government Services, which combines elements of the former Management Board Secretariat and the former Ministry of Consumer and Business Services. Responsibilities include modernizing front-line services through Service Ontario, ensuring Ontarians can access those services through a “single window” (instead of having to know which ministry is responsible), human resources management and improving internal government operations in order to meet the government’s target of $750 million in savings. Also responsible for business registration and consumer protection.

– my unusual and persistent stomach ache that arrived Saturday night, and has kept me bent double with cramps and within running distance of a toilet on and off for the past 48 hours. Gross.

– my totally rash and unreasonable purchase of season three (NOT season one, NOT season two, but JUST season THREE), of the Gilmore Girls; dammit Chrissy you got me addicted to this totally ridiculous show with an irritatingly immature female lead and stuffy white folks and now I feel COMPELLED to watch it damn damn and blast, had better loan me season one, stat!

– progress on the Nintendo quilt, which seems to have tranformed into more of a Nintendo quilted wall hanging, for now, as well as today’s anticipated lunchtime visit to see the Kaffe Fassett quilt exhibit at the Textile Museum

– and much, much more, to the extent that I may never, ever get caught up on all this

7 thoughts on “Whoa. Backlogged much?

  1. *I* don’t even own any Gilmore Girls on DVD. My DVD wish-list is long, and my frugality (aka cheapness) is mighty.

    As for calling me, I’m not at work today, but I’m just about to go out and run some errands up Davisville way. But I see your message here. Thanks!

  2. i point you in the direction of ‘s LJ, in which my own father takes things a little too far by actually driving her to Target for the sole purpose of purchasing season two (kay already has season one). needless to say, you’re not the only one capable of getting hooked. it’s quite fun really, in a yup-that’s-my-dad kind of way.

  3. If you can wait two months and I can find a program to do DVD-rips, I can maybe make DVD rips of them and send them through Maree, though I’d ask you to pay for the DVD-R cds I’d be burning them on. (You’d need 12 cds, which isn’t much).

    Also, S1 is my favorite. It has the best eps- the Birthday Parties, Damn Donna Reed, and Forgiveness and Stuff. So freaking awesome.

  4. Now that you mention it, I’m looking at my S1 box set as I type. I’ll bring it to TO if you’ll pick a date for us to get together for lunch/dinner/the hand-off. Friday is no good, but all’s clear otherwise.


  5. Ahhh… season one, much though I crave it, must must MUST be kept out of my hot little hands until AFTER I finish my paper, which probably means we can have a jolly meeting AFTER San Diego. I must write like the wind until my last day of Old Job (next Tuesday), then my flight leaves eeeaaarrrllyyy morning Wednesday. I return from San Diego on July 18th, at 6am, wherein I will proceed directly to my first day of work at New Job. Woot.

    Can we make tentative plans for July 20th, 21st, or 22nd? I also have a car now, so if you’re too tired or busy to see me, I can drive to see you!


  6. Write like the wind, dear girl! When you’re back from San Diego and all settled in, we’ll get together. The 22nd is out, as The Amy & I will be on a plane to San Francisco that day… and the 21st will likely be jam-packed with my frantic attempts to finish up all my pre-vacation work. How’s the 20th?

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