Sigh. Justin’s been in New York City at Toy Fair since I drove him to the airport on Sunday. I’ve been at home, alone, trying to read (and not doing a super job – mostly assembling Ikea furniture and fiddling about). Work’s been kinda stressful the last few days. I’d like to put the blame […]

New Meme! Come get your new Cheese Meme!

I’ve decided to create my first meme! “List your top five favorite cheeses” 1. Ilchester smoked applewood (English, hard yellow cheddar variant) 2. Saint Paulin (aka Port Salut – French, semi-firm cow milk cheese) 3. Wensleydale with cranberries (English, crumbly white cheese infused with tangy fruit bits) 4. Manchego of La Mancha (Spanish, firm yellow […]